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Point To Point Directional Drilling is a leading company when it comes to providing the finest directional drilling services, especially in the Gulf Coast Region. Our company was established in October 2000

The company’s establishment is behind the determination of Mr. Bobby Miller, who is very intact to building a renowned drilling company. Starting with just four hardworking employees, one drilling rig (particularly DitchWitch 2720) and three trucks, Mr. Miller has managed to let the company grow as it is today.

Through great determination and hard work, it is not surprising how PTP Directional Drilling turn out to what we are today. Now, we have grown up to 28 employees, 6 directional drilling rigs (1 – DitchWitch 3020, 1 – DitchWitch 8020, 3 DitchWitch JT100’s, American Auger 440), 29 Trucks, 22 Trailers. Read More…


At Point To Point, we aim to be a leader in the industry of directional drilling, particularly within the Gulf Coast Region. We put our mission at our topmost priorities, so everyone who is in need of the same services we offer will surely guarantee to receive high quality facilities from us. Providing high quality directional drilling is what we always look forward to. Read More…



Point to Point Drilling coordinates, implements and also supervises directional drilling operations throughout the continental United States. With years of expertise in every unconventional play from the Rockies to the Appalachians, our dedicated team offers customers with a bedrock of directional drilling expertise.



Point to Point Drilling has an exceptional safety record. Our team is dedicated to the safest working conditions possible. Our safety plan is composed of random safety inspections as well as mandatory safety meetings. Our team adopted a safety first approach integrating preplanning to all the things we carry out. Our existing TRIR is 0 in around 500,000 man hours executed.



The significantly skilled nature pertaining to Horizontal Directional Drilling mandates you possess not merely the top operators, but also the top equipment. Our team have long been a Ditch Witch partner making use of their machinery in both our distribution as well as transmission operations.

what we offer

Point To Point Directional Drilling provides different services that can surely help you with your drilling processes. The different reliable and functional services we offer include the following:


Horizontal Directional Drilling

PTP Directional Drilling is well experienced in providing horizontal directional drilling service. Horizontal Directional Drilling is more efficient as compared to other methods. With this method, a network of vertical wall is replaced as the region of influence on remediation technologies is maximized.



Varying on the geology of the site where you want to have any fittings installed, we can surely offer you something that is truly efficient. We have a collection of various pieces of directional drilling equipment that allows us to produce a simple-to-manage system, which can let us accomplish the task easier.



We conduct exploration before we start with the drilling. There should be various criteria when starting on drilling.


Turnkey Drilling Design and Construction

Made with the essential concept of assisting our clients attain the highest they can, we offer Turnkey Drilling Design and Construction services that can surely save your great amounts and money and time.


Consulting and Design

Our provided consulting and design services determine the value of land. Soil and rock are tested in the field for the construction of drilled wells. A wide range of tests is conducted for density, porousness, and water content.