Consulting and Design

Point to Point Directional Drilling is proud to offer its consulting and design services to ensure quality directional drilling. This is a part of a dedicated and quality process along with technical innovation and productivity of the company.
With their dynamic and progressive consulting teams, they drill a specific number of holes, which is necessary to ensure the stability and safety of the construction projects. They also provide line solutions for residential, commercial, and light industrial structures that adhere on the best practices related on the industry. Geotechnical testing like soil analysis and testing are a part of the consulting services they provide.
In the design of a proposed well project, accurate information on geotechnical is required. The accurate information is collected by the site investigators that act as certified practitioners in the area. The engineers only drill a fixed number of holes at suggested depths for the soil samples that will undergo analysis. The procedures applied stick to international and industry standards. The resulting investigation includes the recommendations and geotechnical information for drilling.
The consulting service that is provided also determines the value of land. Soil and rock are tested in the field for the construction of drilled wells. A wide range of tests is conducted for density, porousness and water content.
Among the services included as part of consulting and design are project planning, quality management and construction safety. Planning is considered as the backbone of a drilling project. This serves as a guide in planning to build or construct a well. The consultants are willing to be of help at the start.
Since they are experts in the field of directional drilling, they can suggest supplies and designs that match their preference and requirements. They also organize a financial plan that depends on the budget of the clients. This is considered as a significant part for not overspending in the project.
The project management and supervision comes along with regular reporting. The projects and associated costs are closely monitored and managed. The drilling costs are reviewed and reduced for the benefits of clients. Contracts and services are negotiated and procured while the detailed cost is estimated and the cost is tracked.
The program in drilling is prepared along with engineered design of cement, casing and mud. The contract is negotiated properly. The application of clients for submissions and drilling license is managed for regulatory reports and applications.
Authorized partners and clients are provided with regular field distribution and reporting. Reports on final and technical operation are distributed as required. All aspects of safety management, compliance and determination are a part of the consulting service they provide.
The supervisors and engineers are highly committed and qualified with the required training to keep them at par on their skills and high performance in this rapid and advance field. The team also possesses applied experience and intimate knowledge of both unconventional and conventional well completions.
Point to Point Directional Drilling has its network of skilled professionals and excellent services committed to reliability and needs of the landowners, operators, approval boards and the environment!